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Finally, a worthy game. It's better than anything I have played for months.


This is fucking phenomenal. Incredible work. Only played twice and died to the bull both times, my only feedback is that there's so much movement and color on the screen that you might want to add a "hardcore option" that dials down visual clutter in favor of pro-highscore chasing gameplay / i can see everything thats happening in a slit second and react in time. expect a twitter follow and me bugging you to ask how u made this so good

Oh nice, didn't see that there was a alpha version. I will check it out!

This is fucking fun. Kinda wish I had some money to throw your way. But I'm broke

It's Very Cool!!!!!


Hello Listege, I like your game: "To the hell". I'm musician, and would like to compose an original track and fx for the game. I'm looking for collabs to increase my music portfolio. Are you interested? My soundcloud. Please, tellme something ASAP because now I have time to compose. Thanks and good luck with the game!

the controls need work and jump needs to be more useful, also too many enemies from the start there is little chance of hope.

I made may balance changes on new version. Hope you like it :)

Thank you!

art style awesome, soundtrack awesome, controls a tad awkward for me just. Why can't you move with wasd?

New version supports key configuration. Thanks for playing!